Georgia Real Estate Salesperson CRAM Review Program

We are excited to announce the launch of our virtual CRAM Review program! This program is accessible through Google Classroom, and is available to the public!

-Over 25 hours of Chapter-Specific introduction videos. These introduction videos are recorded by Owner/Instructor Marlene Douglas, and are available ONLY to our students!

-Multiple hours of recorded ZOOM meetings from previous class sessions. Gain access to over 12 hours of recorded CRAM sessions in which Marlene teaches through key topics, guides students through an online practice final exam, reviews and elaborates answers, and opens the class up to questions from participants who attended the live session.

-PowerPoint Presentations highlighting state exam topics. PowerPoint Presentations and content specifically following the state exam study guide.
Practice Final Exams. Test yourself with multiple practice final exams that closely follow Georgia State Exam outlines!

-Technical Support. We are always available for any questions or concerns throughout the program.

This CRAM Review content is stored and accessed through Google Classroom. Upon purchasing the program, participants will be added as a student to the 'CRAM Review Course' Google Classroom, gaining access to multiple study tools to help prepare for the state exam. The videos and lectures included in this course are recorded meetings of previous class sessions. With this being the case, there is no designated times or days to access the program; Each student has unlimited access to browse the study material completely at their leisure! The video lectures have been compiled from 2+ years of virtual class sessions, and the study material itself is compiled from 10+ years of class sessions, from which we have received feedback of our students and applied it to this review program. We are constantly updating our content to ensure each and every participant is receiving the most effective and up-to-date review material to help prepare them for the state exam. Cost is $100

Contact Camryn Lane to register!