For the Public

Get Your Feet Wet with Real Estate

Each day, countless people consider a career change. Public outreach classes at Georgia Academy of Real Estate in Augusta might help you make up your mind. Real estate outreach classes are held regularly, so contact us to find out when the next one is and how you can join!

Join Marlene for a Taste of Success 

Marlene and the school are proud to share these classes with any member of the public who is looking for a deeper knowledge of real estate. They are free courses and an excellent resource for owners, renters considering buying, investors, and anyone else looking to buy or sell a property. During your course, you will learn how value is determined, how to get approved for a loan, and common misconceptions about buying a new home. There are pros and cons for both renting and buying, are those are discussed as well.

Buyers and sellers alike will find that they can make more informed decisions, even if this isn't their first home. These free courses are held once per month, and last from one to three hours, based on participation.

Public Outreach courses are held at random throughout the year! To attend our next Public Outreach course, Contact us today!