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There is a wide range of real estate classes available at Georgia Academy of Real Estate in Augusta, Georgia. Whether you are considering a career in real estate, or are already an agent and would like to attend training for experienced agents, we offer topics for everyone. We believe that you should always be growing and improving your skill level. Marlene is experienced and engaging in all the classes and has a passion for helping others learn the industry she has loved for more than 25 years.

Before Your License

If you do not have a real estate license currently and are considering getting into real estate, the pre-license class can help you prepare. This is a 75-hour Georgia Real Estate Commission-approved course, owned and presented by The GA Academy of Real Estate -- a Real Estate Commission-Approved and Accredited Real Estate Academy, under course code 7378. The course fee ($450.00) includes your class materials and books. Over a 2.5 month period of night classes, you will be introduced to the required material through testing, lecture, independent study, and more interactive and engaging learning techniques. Throughout the course, we guarantee that you will gain proficiency in the material, and receive the information necessary to passing both our class final exam, as well as the State Exam. Class sessions are available at different time frames throughout the year. You must be 18 years of age with an approved criminal background history, and at least high school or GED equivalent. To get your license, you must complete the 75-hour course, pass a final course exam with a score of at least 72%, then sit for and pass the STATE Exam. The State Exam is administered through AMP/PSI, and managed directly by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. 

Start an adventurous new career with exciting and creative classroom instruction. Marlene teaches her class with real-life examples, "field trips," and many creative activities in class. With years of experience, many satisfied students, and our impressive passage rates, we are sure that you will not only receive the information required to obtain your Real Estate License, but you will enjoy the process and the environment while doing so!

Career-Starting Classes

Experienced Agents

Training for Experienced Agents

Throughout your first year as a licensed agent, you must take 25 hours of course. Afterward, there are 36 hours of continuing education required every "Renewal Period," or every four years . The GA Academy of Real Estate offers two approved courses for the 25-hour requirements -- One Online Self-Paced program, and one LIVE In-Class program. These classes are available to anyone who holds a GA Real estate license whether for residential, property management, or commercial real estate.

25 Hour Post-License - "Quick Start Your First Year"

The 25-hour post-license course content is broken up into the following six 4-hour sessions, which are also approved as 4-hour continuing education credit courses. Attendees of the classes can complete all 6 and the exam for 25-hour post-license credits, or individual classes for 4 hours of continuing education credit per course. The price is $250.00


When an agent attends the 25 hour Post License program, 2 separate credits are granted by the Real Estate Commission:

  1. You will successfully fulfill the 25-hour Post License Requirement. 
  2. In addition to the 25-hour requirement being met, The Commission also grants 9 hours of Continuing Education (CE) Credit toward your 36 hour requirement that is due every 4 years. 

63138 - 4-Hour Continuing Education - "I spent all my time, but I'm still BROKE!"

Are you "Spending" your time, or "Investing" it? This class is a four-hour goal setting and business planning session. We get our Real Estate licenses, and have a blank calendar. This class will show you how to fill your calendar with the daily activities to guarantee a prosperous career in Real Estate. 

63139 - 4-Hour Continuing Education - "Making the most of DUTIES"

There's a lot to real estate - floor duty, open house duty, and neighborhood site duty, to name a few. This class is about making the most of every contact and interaction to gain the most prospects and lasting business. We cover safety procedures and how to make sure that you never lose an opportunity to follow up with the people you meet. We role-play conversations and typical questions to help sharpen skills and be prepared for those unexpected situations.

63140 - 4-Hour Continuing Education - "Sellers, not Yellers"

This is a start-to-finish guide to working with sellers and listings, from how to generate listing leads to an in-depth exploration of the difference in the mindset of the FSBO, withdrawn, expired, and referral seller. Learn to communicate with each type effectively. We also address CMA and pricing concerns, the listing presentation, and appointments. Finally, we go over preparation for receiving an offer, negotiations, contract to closing, and following up for future business.

63141 - 4-Hour Continuing Education - "Buyers 101"

This is a start-to-finish guide to working with buyers, from how to generate buyer leads, needs assessment, loan approval. - Lane typically has a lender co-teach this segment of the class, showing homes, including preparation and procedures, preparation for writing an offer, negotiations, contract to closing, and following up for future business.

631424 - Hour Continuing Education - "Using your Tools"

This is an introduction to the information available and the tools that we will utilize in the real estate business, including tax records, online MLS system, GAR contract forms, Google(TM) tools, and social media. These tools are all very helpful, and you'll learn to use them to their best effect.

63137 - 4-Hour Continuing Education - "I'm not an idiot - I just don't understand you!"

Here we go into personality profiling and how to distinguish, sell to, and interact with each type. All people can be divided into four major personality types, and each has very distinctive characteristics. The method in which they communicate, receive information and make buying and selling decisions are very distinct between each trait. This class will teach the attendees to understand and communicate which each type more effectively.

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